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Voice-over-IP (VOIP) Virtual Assistant for all your unified communication needs. You can now get your email, voice mail and fax all in one box - your own Dashboard. If you get a call or fax, Globalink VOIP Virtual Assistant aka "Paige" will answer and deliver the message to you via the medium of your choice. 

  Paige is what many  call a  virtual Voice-over-IP (VOIP) PBX. She  is a completely automated answering service capable of directing all of your incoming calls and faxes.  She can manage extensions and messages; provide call transfer, call screening, conferencing and more. And since she is virtual, she doesn't need a vacation and can handle hundreds of tasks at the same time.  No more busy lines and  unanswered calls.

You can select a local incoming number from our numbers in US, Canada, UK or around the world.  Call credits are used for making outgoing calls using our system or forwarding calls to numbers outside our network such as cell phones etc.
On-Network Calls are FREE.

Call anywhere in the world from any phone in the world and use your calling plan by calling an Area Code Branded Calling Portal.



Globalink VoIP  Pay-as-you-go Calling

No Start-Up Fee.
No Monthly Fee.
No Commitment.

Get Globalink International Phone Numbers  

Call any phone number in the world based on our low International Rates.

Voice-over-IP Virtual Assistant



Why do I want to use Globalink VoIP Broadband
Phone Services?

VoIP is a great way to get extra use out of your Internet connection
and save money on phone calls.  Our service offers the ability to
reduce or eliminate your expensive phone bill including International calls. In addition, the FREE features included with our service cost money with other providers.

What makes Globalink VOIP special?

Besides our low cost, our features are built to integrate your different
phones with our online call forwarding.  Free access to USA/Canada
 Any Globalink account can have its own incoming phone number from many area codes in the USA, Canada, Europe and around the world!  These incoming numbers ring wherever you are connected to the Internet so for example your callers can call a Florida number and it could ring
in London with no additional fees or long distance charges.

Interested in Selling VoIP Services Yourself? 

We have a private-brand reseller program.  Please visit www.worldkom.net/reseller for more information. 


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