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Helping You Sell Business-Class Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) Services - Your Own



What Is VOIP?

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NEW: Hosted PBX Reseller

Stay connected with the latest communication technologies from Globalink-Worldkom, and make money selling these great services:


NEW: Hosted PBX Services  Your customers save hundreds of dollars per extension on their new phone systems, and you make money by helping them! NO VOIP Service or High-Speed Internet service required!  Learn More

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from any phone and use your Globalink calling plan from local calling card portals worldwide.
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Global Calling Plans
From anywhere in the world make unlimited calls to fixed phones in these select countries. Learn More

International Callback Services  Save money by using these services to lock in low US phone rates, no matter where in the world you're calling to or from Learn More


Virtual Assistant  Like having your own private receptionist who helps you handle incoming calls. Learn More

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VOIP.  It's still a wide-open frontier in the world of communications technology, and there's still time to get in the business of selling VOIP early, and grow your new business quickly. 

We can help you decide which bundle of services you'd like to offer your customers, and can even help you with marketing strategies for your new business.    

Private-label- Your own brand - voip reseller program with personalized service from

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Reseller Program  

Our newest offering, Hosted PBX phone services, is a great way to sell a VOIP solution, even to customers who don't have high speed internet or aren't interested in VOIP.  Find out more at our Hosted PBX page.  

Globalink-Worldkom is committed to helping resellers leverage on the latest technologies and our  existing infrastructure so that you can provide the services your customers need without a large investment. 
We strive to provide personal service to all our resellers. 

Please Click Here for More Info and an Overview of our Business Reseller Program.

  • Re-brand our service to hide our identity and cooperation without large investment.
  • We give you your own branded SIP Proxy or domain name for use in device configuration.
  • Sell in your own currency and automatically mark-up our prices.
  • Access to a complete portfolio of Voice-Over-IP (VoIP), Internet Telephony, broadband phone services, VoIP PBX, web hosting and other services.
  • Aggressive Reseller discounts based on volume with no commitments. 
  • Comprehensive priority technical support and personal service.
  • Customized reseller packages, ala-carte, to suit your needs.
  • Private branded website
  • Leverage on our global network infrastructure.
  • Wholesale Call Termination Rates
  • Wholesale Local and International Phone Numbers or DIDs.
  • ENum (e164 number mapping) Services.
  • Please Click Here for More Info and an Overview of our Business Reseller Program  


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