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Using the latest Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) technology to make the world a smaller place!

What is VoIP?




 Please visit out voip blog for recent highlights of Voip in the news. 

 *VOIP for superior communications technology, not just cheap phone service.  Sometimes as sellers and resellers of voip services, we get caught up in telling consumers about saving money on their phone services with voip,  but we should remember there are a lot of other benefits to using this superior new voip technology for communication services.  Read more on this topic from Telephony World: 

 *VOIP and WiFi phones    The newest frontier area of VOIP appears to be determining how it will go mobile.  Some cellular companies are experimenting with dual-band cellular/wifi phones that will work in wifi hotspots part of the time, and use cellular service when wifi is not available (Sprint/Nextel is working on a solution; T-mobile is experimenting with the service in only the Seattle market—see article link below.)  Other companies are focusing on hardware devices to convert existing cell phones to be wifi-compatible, and vice versa.   

It’s a wide-open area right now, as new technologies will compete to try to give the consumer the most practical, easiest-to-use solution. 

The most promising thing about the whole idea of voip going mobile is that it can help make VOIP services something that consumer are more likely to think of as just another phone service, and not as a scary-new-hi-tech adventure to be avoided.  See some of the discussions about hopes and concerns about mobile wi-fi voip in the articles below:  

 Security concerns on college campus wifi hotspots: Tech News World article

Info about T-mobile’s test market in Seattle for dual-band cellular-voip wifi phones: 


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