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Helping You Sell World-Class Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) Services Your Own VoIP Reseller Business In A Box!

What is VoIP?

Your Virtual AssistanT

Globalink Inc Team

is committed to staying up-to-date with  cutting-edge technologies and marketing trends in order to help our clients succeed in this age of the internet.

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Globalink,Inc. specializes in helping organizations utilize the Internet and other computer technologies to communicate their messages to their consumers, wherever they are, across the globe.  We can help promote websites with on-line search engines, and we offer competitive rates for hosting websites and e-mail, for registering domain names, and for web design and customized software solutions. We can help manage your IT Department so that you can concentrate on what you do the best!!
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Worldkom protects your brand by totally masking our identity so your company is seen as the service provider.  Your customers are yours to keep. You can focus your attention on gaining new customers and we will provide a quality service that you can depend on, now and in the future.

  • 99.9% uptime availability of our SIP/VoIP Server and perfect voice quality.

  • Our service works with Free softphones (FREE software using your pc) and offers Free Internet Calling (talk to anyone on our service for FREE).

  • You get your own PRIVATE LABEL / Custom SIP Server to match your domain name.

  • Lots of hardware options . Discounted well-known Internet Phones and Adaptors pre-configured to work with our service, but Unlocked and Open so that you can unleash all of their features without locks & limits like other providers. Use any brand SIP device.

  • You can easily change our prices and product names.

  • We give you easy web integration so your users can login to manage their account, you can display your own A to Z International rates.

  • Our service offers solutions for  users without Internet access using international callback and personal dids.

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Globalink Inc Team


What differentiates us from other Internet Telephony Providers?

Re-brand our service for your local market with a very small startup cost

Sell in your own currency and automatically mark-up our prices

Cutting-edge Voice-Over-IP technology

Aggressive Reseller discounts based on volume with no commitments 

Comprehensive priority technical support and personal service

Customized reseller packages tailored to meet your needs

Private-branded website hosted on our servers with 99.9% uptime guarantee

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to help market your website

Leverage on our global network infrastructure


Globalink, Inc. traces its roots back to 1993 to the Midwestern Christian work ethics in Salina, Kansas, USA., but we are "not just in Kansas anymore."  We are now able offer our services worldwide with the addition of voice-over-ip, internet telephony, web marketing, ecommerce, software development, backend server hosting and internet broadband services. 
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2725 Arnold Ave, Salina, Kansas 67401 USA  Telephone 1-785-823-8284 
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