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Using the latest Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) technology to make the world a smaller place!

What is VoIP?

Globalink Inc Team

Our service has an uptime of 99.9% with redundant sip/proxy servers with good call quality and subscriber ratio.  The rates include our private label softswitch services.  While we strive to provide the best rates possible for the quality of service we provide, we do not compete on price alone. Quality of service is more important to us than just the price. So we are selective in bringing aboard the right team of resellers who can continue to succeed in this VoIP industry.

Rates may be lower if you do not need our softswitch services.  Your rates are dependant on the switch your services use. We have more than one switch and platform to meet the growing needs of your VOIP business.

Our retail  rates are non-negotiable and are discounted based on purchase volume and valid method of payment for the
prepaid call credits as described below:-

Globalink Worldkom VoIP Reseller Rates
Prepaid VoIP Rates  Updated 8/23/07 Please click here to  Contact Us

- For Porta Switch only!

Adobe Reader for Globalink VoIP Rates You may be required to download the Free Adobe Reader to view our rates.

Please note for recurring orders above $500, we require payment by wire transfer to qualify for the rates above.  The setup fees are an exception to this rule. Rates are subject to change without notice.  Please note: International mobile carriers will charge the caller for any error messages. These types of charges will be deducted from your account at the end of each call.  Updated 8/23/07


If you are interested in offering unlimited plans to your customers, you will need to buy wholesale minutes at our gold rates and may create your bundles for the specific markets you wish to target.

OR you can sell  ready-made packages via our
agent program which uses our BroadSoft Switch.

If you need the prepaid calling portal on our legacy asterisk switch, these rates will apply.

Setup Fees

Please note setup fees are not refundable as it involves direct labor costs associated with configuring and setting up the packages you order. While we will do our best to provide the services you request, we cannot refund setup fees once the account is setup.

Globalink Services

Hosted PBX Rates

There is no monthly charge for extensions. 
Each extension will include Unified Messaging  (Voice and Fax ) and Auto Attendant IVR.


DID Rates

US DIDs retail at  $7.95 per month each. All incoming minutes are free.
International DIDs vary by province and country.

If you are buying in larger quantities, it will be lower.
A minimum of $1.99 setup fee may apply for small orders.
For large orders the setup fee may be waived.

We also provide engineering services to setup your own local phone numbers in your own country using our equipment. Please contact Support with your questions.

Volume discounts apply for large orders.
Our wholesale rate plan is cumulative meaning  you will get x number of free incoming minutes per DID.

For an example, if you bought 100 DIDs at 500 minutes each , you will not be billed until you have used all of your 50,000 minutes. 

So all your incoming calls will be free with either the wholesale or retail plan.

Please note activation charges may apply for account provisioning.


Please visit  reseller packages for our packages.


Reseller Sales

Globalink Reseller Support

Due to the overwhelming online requests, our reseller team may be running a little behind in getting back with you.

Please click here to
 Contact Us or call 1-785-8238284 extension 7 for Reseller Sales.



Support Services

Globalink Support

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Globalink VOIP Support

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