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Things to do in My Files
Manage your files
Organize and work with your personal files.
Upload a file
Here you will find quick-links to commonly used functions including managing files, uploading files, accessing the shared files directory and file restore. This section also gives summary information on the account including User ID, Domain name and IP Address (the latter only available to Account Owners). Account Owners are also shown additional usage information for data transfer limits and usage and disk space limits and usage.

Upload a file from your desktop computer to your All Files area.
View shared files
Work with the files and directories shared by other users on the system.
Restore your files
Restore a previous version of your files.
User ID: shared
Domain: demo.signature-hosting.com
IP Address:
Monthly Data Transfer: Used: 0%
Available: NaNGB
Limit: GB
Disk Space: Used: 0%
Available: 200MB
Limit: 200MB