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Things to do in My Mail

Check my mail
View and manage the messages in your inbox.

Compose a message
Compose a message

Create a contact
Add an individual to your Address Book.

Create a distribution list
Create and add a Distribution List to your Address Book.

Manage mail folders
Create and manage folders to organize your mail messages.

Personalize my outgoing mail
Add your name, reply-to address and signature to outgoing WebMail messages.

Customize my message display
Customize the way messages are displayed in WebMail.

Setup a mail forward
Manage email addresses for forwarding incoming mail.

Setup an autoreply
Choose to automatically reply to incoming mail with a custom message.

Manage Custom Filters
Create and edit your own custom filters for general mail and spam filtering.

Select spam filter services
Subscribe to free services that automate spam filtering.

Check your Trash
Check your Trash folder periodically to ensure your email has been filtered correctly.
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