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Voice-Over-IP FACTS

Easy Installation

Plug in your phone adapter (the ATA - Cisco ATA 186,
analog to digital phone converter) into your high speed
Internet connection (Cable modem or T1). With DSL
modem, a basic router is required. So, first plug in your
DSL modem in your router. If you don’t have a router, we
can send you an excellent router at a discounted price.
Then, take any standard telephone and plug it into the
phone adapter. Business installations are more
complicated. Works with any PBX and phone system.
Standard programming charges will apply.

Surfing the web
By running on our network, your voice and
data will travel across a single IP network circuit. This
cuts down on connectivity costs for separate voice and
data networks. Our technology uses Voice over priority,
allowing voice traffic to run in priority over the data
traffic. This allows voice packets and data packets to
travel down the same pipe in an organized pattern.

How this lets your call travel
Globalink VOIP Phone Service works just like the telephone system
in your business today. You pick up the phone, dial the
number and it connects to whomever you are calling.
In more technical terms Globalink VOIP Phone Service uses the
phone adapter that we send to you to convert your voice
from an analog signal to a digital signal. The digital
signal then can be sent over your high speed Internet
connection because it is recognized as data and then is
sent over the Internet.
When someone calls you, they dial your number. Behind
the scenes, your number looks very much like an e-mail
address. This number instructs the call to travel over the
Internet and through our network to the phone adapter
we sent you free, your phone rings, and all you have to
do is pick up and answer it.

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