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Please note a touch-tone phone is required. 
Please turn the tone/pulse switch to “tone” on pulse phones after you dial the access number

Access Number is the number to dial to Trigger a callback
Callback Number is your home, office or mobile phone that will receive the callback 


Placing a Call

Dial your access number, listen to one ring and hang up. 

Do not let ring more than three (3) times. 
The system will call you back in a few seconds and you will hear: 

“Welcomel, please enter the number to call followed by the pound(#) key.”

You now have a line to make all calls as if you were calling from the United States.

Entering the Pound Key (#) after dialing your number speeds the connection of the call. 
Entering (# + #) speeds disconnection of the call. 


DIAL 00 OR 011 + [country code] + (city code) + Local Number for all international calls, EXCEPT when calling countries within the North American Numbering System (NAMS). 
These countries have AREA CODES in place of CITY CODES and you dial: 1 + (area code) + number. 
The NAMS countries are the US, Canada, Bermuda & the Caribbean countries, except for the Netherlands Antilles. 

At anytime after you have accessed the system and received your callback, you can press (*  +  #) for the Menu for: 
1) Account Balance; 
2) Re-dial; 
3) Speed-dial; 
4) Change your Callback Number. 
To exit the menu and make a call,  press ( # ).  

Hang UP Press the hash or pound key twice (#  +  #).

Special Instructions  

MULTIPLE CALLS ON ONE ACCESS Press  the star key twice (* + *) 
after each previous call and dial a new number.  
MISDIALING  If you misdialed your number and need to start again, 
press the star key once ( * ).  
RE-DIALING   Press (* + *) to get a new voice prompt, 
then press  (*  +  #) for the menu, then press (2).  
ACCOUNT BALANCE To hear your account balance, press (* + #) for the menu, then press (1).  


  • Place your documents in the fax machine; 
    Change the fax to MANUAL OPERATION and dial your access number.  

  • Hear one ring, hang up. 
    If your fax machine is on PULSE”, turn the tone/pulse switch to “TONE”.

  • Answer your callback, dial the number you are faxing to, 
    press START when you get a fax signal,and hang up. To send additional faxes or to place another call, press (* + *) immediately  after you receive the "TRANSMISSION OK" (a beep, tone).  


 Speed Dial Instructions




  • Press STAR + POUND (*  +  #); 
    then press (3) to access the speed-dial menu.

  • When instructed, enter the two-digit speed-dial slot (01 to 99) you wish to add (or change) and the telephone number for the slot.


When prompted to enter your destination number, 
enter the two-digit speed dial slot number (01 to 99) assigned to the telephone number you wish to call. 




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